0) Properly install Jakarta Ant and Java on your system.
1) "ant dist" or "ant build"
2) cd dist
3) Edit conf/crawlerConfig.xml to customize settings (this file has 
   inline comments so you should not have a problem to figure-out how 
   things work).
3) run.sh or run.bat (for Unix or Windows). On Unix you may need to
   make the shell script executable by: "chmod u+x run.sh"
4) Watch the console output and tail the monitor.log file for monitor
   messages. Program can be stopped, at any time, by pressing any key
   in the console window.

If you are running JCrawler remotely on a Unix box, you will want two things
1) To both watch monitor.log and standard output on a single connection rather than logging-in two times for each of them
2) The JCrawler process not to be dependent on your connection to the server and not die if you suddenly get kicked off by SSH.

Both of these desires can be beautifully achieved by using GNU Screen and we highly recommend this great tool, (and not just only for JCrawler :) ).

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